Member Nations


According to the Constitution of the Rugby League International Federation (RLIF) there are four (4) categories of Membership: Full, Associate, Affiliate and Life Member. In addition to these categories the RLIF also ranks Observers, as an entry level category.

A Member of the RLIF is the organisation recognised by the Rugby League International Federation (RLIF) as the body responsible for the regulation and / or control of the game of rugby league in that country. There may only be one National Governing Body (NGB). An Observer is recognised by the RLIF.

A recognised country will need to demonstrate the following criteria:

The country is a territory distinguished by its people, culture and geography.

The country will be able to demonstrate that it has its own flag and government and that it has complete autonomy over sport within its defined area.

The country is recognised by the United Nations (UN) or is recognized as a country within a country which is a member of the UN.

The Board of the RLIF is satisfied that the applicant will be of benefit to the RLIF and its Membership


To be awarded to a Confederation of Member nations as recognized and approved by the RLIF Board.


An organisation applying for Affiliate Membership must meet all Observer criteria.

Complete and submit to the RLIF annual accounts for at least 12 months prior to application.

Conduct regular 13-a-side rugby league Competitions with:

Minimum 4 senior teams

Player registration system

Evidence that a Youth or Junior Development Programme is in place.

A registered office and admin.

Have an approved international programme at any eligible level.

Operate coach and match official education via an RLIF approved scheme, and led by nominated and qualified technical managers.


An organisation applying for Full Membership must meet all Affiliate Member criteria.

Complete and submit to the RLIF annual accounts for at least 24-months prior to application.

Publish and lodge with the RLIF annual reports for at least two years prior to application.

Be able to demonstrate the financial stability of the organisation.


The Board of the RLIF may at its discretion admit a country to Observer status based upon a completed application which will include the following:

Constitution correctly signed and approved.

Bank Account with at least two dual-signatories drawn from the Board of the applicant.

A list of the interested parties together with contact details, position within the organisation and a brief biography of the Board Members.

A not for profit legal entity established in the country of the applicant organisation.

Provision of founding minutes that clearly define founding members, in line with the constitution, and governing Board elections.

A Development Plan for the following 12 month period.